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Photo Archive --- Date:20031109

2003 Miss Chinese

Jiang Xinrong ,20, (Left) from Shanghai is crowned at the 2003 Miss Chinese contest in Hong Kong November 8, 2003. Gu Yu, 18, from Helongjiang Province ranked third in the test hosted by PhoenixTV.

Russia marks 86th anniversary of Octorber Revolution

Russians take part in a march in Moscow Nov. 7. Tens of thousands of Russians attended the march on Friday to mark the 86th anniversary of the October Revolution of Russia.

London poppy cross

A veteran of the Second World War puts a poppy cross in the memory garden outside of the Westminster Abbey of London, UK, Nov. 7, 2003. Britishers commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives in two World Wars and other wars round the annual Honour Remembrance Day which falls on November.

US soldiers high alert in Kandahar

Two US soldiers are on guard at Kandahar Airport in Kandahar, south Afghanistan, Nov. 7, 2003. The US-led coalition force in Afghanistan is on alert in south Afghanistan as the force of the ousted Taliban regime remains active.

China unbeaten at women's volleyball World Cup

China's Wang Lina (L) smashes the ball during a match with South Korea at the Women's Volleyball World Cup in Toyama, Japan, Nov. 8, 2003. China beat South Korea 3-0. 

Gulls spend winter in Kunming

Red-beak gulls fly above tourists on a boat on Dianchi Lake in Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province. Thousands of red-beak gulls fly from the Siberia to Kunming to spend the winters.

Shenzhou V module arrives in Shanghai

The Shenzhou V space capsule arrives at Shanghai Pudong Airport November 8, 2003 for a four-day exhibiion in the city. China's space hero Yang Liwei will go to the city and meet with Shanghai residents.

Blasts rock Saudi capital Riyadh

Three explosions rocked a residential compound in the Saudi capital Saturday night, killing dozens of people in what the government described as a "terrorist" attack.  

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