Indian Air Force's Su-30MKI ready for maritime role

Indian Air Force's latest acquisitions -- Su-30MKI -- are now ready for a maritime role as parts of efforts to boost Navy's depleted air-fighting arm.

"We have received the first two upgraded versions of the Su-30MKI phase II and are ready in coordination with the Navy for their conversion to maritime role," Air Chief S. Krishnaswamy saidFriday.

Indian Air Force (IAF) has already inducted 30 of the two variants of the Su-30 and the conversion of the multi-role fighterwould prove a boon for Naval aviation as its Sea Harrier fighters are aging and the maritime Jaguars have gone in for up-gradation.

"The new variants of the Su-30MKI have more advanced software and conversion to maritime role was just a matter of training of flying long distance over the seas in coordination with the navy,"he told reporters emerging from a conference of IAF's top commanders here.

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