Guinea-Bissau interim president sworn in

Henrique Rosa was sworn in as interim president of Guinea-Bissau on Sunday, according to reports reaching Luanda from Bissau.

Rosa, a businessman, took the oath of office in the capital Bissau in the presence of General Verissimo Correia Seabra, who led the Sept. 14 military coup that toppled then president Kumba Yala.

Military leaders and political parties signed a deal on Sunday agreeing to form a transitional administration to lead the west African country for 18 months and make preparations for elections.

The agreement paves the way for parliamentary elections within six months and presidential polls a year later, the reports said.

The military junta leading Guinea-Bissau following the bloodless coup named Rosa as president on Sept. 23, while Antonio Artur Sanha, head of the ruling Social Renovation Party, was namedas prime minister.

The political leaders and members of civil society in Guinea-Bissau met on Sept. 22 to discuss a "transition charter," drawn upby a 16-member civil commission appointed by the military junta that seized power in the nation on Sept. 14.

They also discussed the ruling military committee's choice of acaretaker prime minister and president to prepare for early elections in the country.

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