Guinea-Bissau political parties reject PM proposed by military junta

Guinea-Bissau political parties rejected on Monday the new prime minister of future transitional government, proposed by the military junta formed after Sept. 14 coup, according to reports reaching Luanda on Monday.

The military junta had proposed Antonio Artur Sanha, former interior minister and secretary general of Social Renewal Party (PRS) of ousted President Kumba Yala, as prime minister of a transitional government.

But this proposal has been rejected on Monday by 15 of 17 political parties after being consulted between representatives of parties, civil organizations, mediators and military junta.

The political parties objected Sanha because it had been previously agreed that a new transitional government chief should not belong to any party. Sanha is secretary general of the PRS and served in earlier governments as interior minister and fisheries minister.

The party leaders also charged that the PRS had run the country catastrophically, and some parties recalled that Sanha had been mentioned in connection with a murder never cleared up.

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