Trade union national congress convenes in Beijing

Trade union national congress convenes
More than 1,600 delegates from the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) attended the opening session of its five-day 14th National Congress in Beijing Monday morning.

The federation, which was founded at the Second All-China Labor Congress held in Guangzhou city in southern China on May 1, 1925, is the leading body of all local trade union organizations and national institutions of industrial trade unions.

It represents 1.71 million trade unions at grass-roots level with a record 134 million members.

During the congress, which is held every five years, the delegates will hear and deliberate the work report of the 13th Executive Committee of the ACFTU, discuss and adopt an amendment to the federation's Constitution and the financial report of the 13th Executive Committee, and elect the 14th ACFTU Executive Committee and the Financial Auditing Committee.

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