Guinea-Bissau Chief of Staff Assumes Presidency

Guinea-Bissau Chief of Staff Veriswsimo Correia Seabra declared himself on Sunday interim president of the country after a putsch to depose President Kunba Yala.

In a declaration to Portuguese state television, the General Seabra said "I am going to assume the presidency of the republic until there are elections."

Guinea-Bissau armed forces has dissolved the government and held Yala in a military coup on the same day.

According to a local radio report, a Guinea-Bissau military officer, claiming to be speaking for the army, announced on Sunday morning the dissolution of the west African country's government and President Kumba Yala is being held by the coup soldiers.

The army headquarters said the coup was staged because of the inability of Yala's government to resolve the impoverished country's most pressing problems.

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