China Launches Crackdown on Fake, Inferior Construction Products

China on Monday launched a nationwide crackdown on fake and inferior construction products, involving steel, cement, low-voltage electrical equipment, wire, cables and decoration materials.

The crackdown campaign, jointly launched by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in cooperation with eight other central government departments including the Ministry of Commerce, will last until June next year,said Pu Changcheng, deputy director of the administration.

Outstanding problems regarding construction materials produced by medium-sized and small firms have cropped up in the past few years despite rapid structural and quality improvements of the country's construction materials sector as a whole, said the official.

Poor-quality construction materials manufactured by medium-sized and small firms have posed hidden risks to structures using them, putting people involved in jeopardy, said Pu.

China plans to establish a mechanism that will prevent fake andinferior construction and decoration materials from entering markets and construction sites, in a bid to regulate the market according to law.

In a related development Monday, the administration published aname list involving 300 steel plants it had disciplined for producing inferior steel products meant for construction projects.

These plants, usually small in scale, use waste steel as raw material and produce inferior products for construction project.

Last year, the administration banned 480 such plants from operating, confiscating 99,000 tons of inferior steel products worth 211 million yuan (nearly 30 million US dollars).

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