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Photo Archive --- Date:20030817

School Pupils in Zhengzhou

A little girl plays with the "sucking disk" in the Science and Technology Museum of Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province, Aug. 16, 2003. The museum became a popular place to for school pupils during the summer vacation.

Grapes Competition in Beijing

Photo taken on Aug. 16, 2003 shows a person measuring a grape during a grape competition held in Beijing. The grape won the first place in the category of single grain of the competition, which was participated by dabs at growing grapes from 10 provinces.

Japanese Medical Team Arrives in Qiqihar

A Japanese delegation led by Kawakami Fumihiro (L, front), an official of the Japanese Foreign Ministry in charge of the China affairs, visits a hospital where the victims injured by mustard gas receive treatment in Qiqihar, a city in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Aug.16, 2003. Japanese experts rendered five containers with the fatal nerve gas harmless after sealing them with lead and plastic wrappers on Saturday. A total of 41 people have been poisoned by mustard gas from chemical weapons abandoned by Japanese troops during World War II in the city. 

China Harbin Shipwreck

Relatives of the missing people in a ship wreck wait for the search results on the bank of the Songhuajiang River in Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Aug. 16, 2003. A small passenger ship sank in the river Aug. 15. Three people have been rescued, but four others were missing.

Zhang Yimou at Yangshuo

Zhang Yimou (R), a renowned Chinese film director, discusses the setting with Wang Chaoge, one of the directors of a folk musical, "Impression, Third Sister Liu (Liu Sanjie)", in Yangshuo, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Aug. 16, 2003. Zhang began his directing of the musical Saturday with inspiration from a musical film, "Third Sister Liu", featuring a legendary singer and the local culture and customs of the minority nationalities in Guangxi.

Festooned Vehicles in Guangzhou

Festooned vehicles of the Changlong Wildlife World ramble on a street in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, Aug. 16, 2003. Forty-five vihicles attended the biggest ramble activity in the city's history.

World Gym Championships Opening

Chinese gymnast Liang Fuliang carrying the Chinese national flag enters the Arrowhead Pond Gymnasium in the opening ceremony of the 37th World Gymnastic Championships in Anaheim, the United States, Aug. 15, 2003.

China Jiangxi Customhouse

The picture taken on Aug. 14, 2003 shows a western-style customhouse in Gutang Township near Poyang Lake, southeast China's Jiangxi Province. The customhouse was built by British invaders at the beginning of the 20th century. It was listed as a historical site under provincial protection in 1987 to remind people of Western powers' invasion of China in the 19th-20th centuries.

Riot Policeman on Training

Chinese riot policeman (back) and his colleague demonstrate how to tackle a criminal at a police training base on the outskirts of Beijing August 16, 2003. The event is part of efforts to increase police fighting skills in China's capital for the 2008 Olympic Games. (Reuters Photo)

Chinese Leaders Underline Enhancing Reemployment

China's top leader Hu Jintao urged the governments and Communist Party of China (CPC) committees at various levels to fully understand the importance of the reemployment issue and to further take concrete measures to tackle it.  

Last Two SARS Patients Discharged from Hospital (II)

The last two SARS patients in the Chinese mainland, Sun Zheng (center) and Lu Zhiyan (left) celebrate after receiving presents near a board with the part of Chinese characters that reads 'Hospital to resume normal operation' during a ceremony in Beijing, August 16, 2003 as they walked out of the hospital.  

Last Two SARS Patients Discharged from Hospital

Doctors of Beijing Ditan Hospital make a victory sign as all the SARS patient in Chinese mainland are discharged from hospital on August 16, 2003, in Beijing. 

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