Pudong's Blueprint: to Double 2000 GDP in 2005

"Pudong New Area's 3-Year Action Program for Economic Development", a blueprint depicting a new round of development in 2003-2005, was recently mapped out by Shanghai's Pudong New Area. According to this blueprint, by 2005, Pudong New Area will have become a core functional zone for Shanghai to become an international economic, financial, trade and shipping hub; its GDP will have reached 200 billion yuan, doubling the 2000 figure, forming a "one axis and three belts" development pattern.

According to the program, in the next three years Pudong will maintain its average annual GDP growth at around 15 percent, its overall economic strength will advance to a new stage; its comprehensive service function will be further strengthened, and its finance-centered modern service industry will experience rapid development. In 2005 the tertiary industry will make up about 50 percent of the total GDP, the market economy system, propped up by key element markets and various professional service organizations, will be further perfected, and its status as a modern service center will be established preliminarily. In the meanwhile, the level of the high science and technology industry will be enhanced noticeably. In 2005 this industry will constitute 45 percent of the total industrial output value, the sci-tech progress will contribute a 60 percent rate to the economic growth, and a high sci-tech upland will take initial shape. The modern city infrastructure will see further improvement, initially forming an axial, functional and networking 3-D transport system in 2005. In addition, a new integrated development pattern between urban and rural areas will come into being, with the urbanization area covering 130 square kilometers in 2005.

Pudong's new round of development will result in further optimizing its formation and function, forming a development layout of "one axis and three belts", that is, the east-to-west development axis from Hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport, giving expression to a new pattern of the concerted, harmonious and all-round development between Pudong and Puxi. The "three belts" include the Huangpu River development belt, the middle belt and the coast development belt, respectively reflecting a new flourishing and bustling modern Pudong city proper, the industrial level and economic strength as well as future development potentials of Pudong.

The Huangpu River development belt is a comprehensive development belt along the river that is formed by taking Lujiazui financial and trade zone as the core, extending from south to north along the river, and integrating finance & insurance, business & trade, convention & exhibition, tourism, and ecological housing. The middle development belt will center around "one river, three bridges", namely the Zhangjiang River, and Jinqiao, Waigaoqiao and Sunqiao bridges, and mainly develop high sci-tech industry, high value-added industries such as micro-electron, software, biomedicine, automobile, new material, bioengineering and modern agriculture. The coastal development belt will take the Waigaoqiao port area and Pudong International Port as the two wings, rely on the "one river, three bridges" high-tech industrial belt, take modern material flow and leisure tourist industry as the lead, making this coast development belt a zone of industrial extension, function radiation and strategic reserve in Pudong's new round of development.

In the next three years, Pudong will still stick to the principle of "taking humans as the foundation and making systematic advance", adopting a step-by-step approach to key environmental construction and gradually building a city eco-environment and its protection system featuring the integration of the city proper and suburbs, and a virtuous circle.

By PD Online Staff Zhu Lizhen

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