Large Copper Ore Belt Found in Southwest China

Chinese geologists have found a rich copper belt with reserve estimated at millions or tens of millions of tons in the basalt terrain in Yunnan Province, southwest China.

Basalt terrain generally carries little metal mineral resourcesand it was rare to find such a large copper mine in such ground, said Li Wenchang, a senior engineer with the Yunnan provincial geological prospecting institute.

Before the new finding, China's largest basal-borne copper veinin Sichuan Province, also in the southwest, contained just 100,000tons of copper reserve.

Geologists in Yunnan have been prospecting since June last yearand pinpointed the mine in northwestern Yunnan, which extends to neighboring Sichuan and Guizhou provinces.

China's Ministry of Land and Resources plans to input 3 millionyuan (360,000 US dollars) in further prospecting of the basal terrain, while some international mineral companies have shown interest in developing copper resources there.

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