Athens' New Olympic Medal Design Win IOC's Nod

The athletes will be awarded newly-designed medals when they make the podium in the 2004 Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee on Monday gave go-ahead to the new Olympic medal design by the Athens 2004 organizers, which will be released here on Wednesday.

The front of the medal will be changed for the first time sincethe Games of 1928 in Amsterdam, featuring a new image of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory and the Panathinaiko stadium where the Olympic Games were revived in 1986.

"This is one of our most important design applications, becausethese medals will be worn by athletes -- the protagonists and heroes of the Games," said Athens 2004 President Gianna Angelopoulos.

"These medals reflect our vision of combining Greek history with sport and Olympism," she added.

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