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Photo Archive --- Date:20030619

Japan Win Easily In The Confederations Tournament Match

Japan's Shunsuke Nakamura (L) and teammate Yashuhito Endo (C) struggle for control of the ball with New Zealand's Duncan Oughton (R) during early action in their Confederations tournament match in Saint Denis, near Paris June 18, 2003. Japan won the match 3-0.

The Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on Crisis Management Held in Manila

Sun Gang, vice-chairman of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), delivers a speech at the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on Crisis Management in Manila, capital of the Philippines, June 18, 2003. Some 100 delegates from 27 countries and regions including China paticipated in the one-day meeting to exchange experiences in crisis management and discuss the prospects for the regional tourism. (Xinhua)

President Hu Holds Ceremony to Welcome the President the Union of Comoros

Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) holds ceremony June 18, 2003, in Beijing to welcome President Azali Assoumani(R) of the Union of Comoros who arrived here Wednesday for a six-day state visit to China. (Xinhua)

The Expressway Linking Kunming and Bangkok Is At Construction

Workers build Yuanjiang-Mohei expressway at the construction site in southwest China's Yunnan Province June 18, 2003. The 147-kilometer-long expressway is a domestic section of the international routeway linking Kunming, capital of Yunnan, and Bangkok, capital of Thailand. (Xinhua)

Abbas Failed to Reach A Truce Agreement With Hamas and Jihad

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (R) is present at a meeting with representatives of all 13 main Palestinian factions, including the radical movements Hamas and Jihad, in Gaza city June 17, 2003. The meeting between Abbas and 13 Palestinian factions ended on Tuesday without reaching a truce agreement. (Xinhua)

Human Resources Markets Resumed to Normal Wednesday

The photo shows a crowded scene in the Yonghegong Human Resources Market in Beijing. The Yonghegong, Zhongguancun and Andingmen human resources markets resumed to normal Wednesday, with a series of stringent measures taken to prevent the SARS epidemic.

A Website of Job Information For College Graduates Is Set Up

Two college graduates look for job vacancies on the Internet in Xinyu County, east China's Jiangxi Province, June 18, 2003. The Chinese Ministry of Education sets up a Website of Job Information for college graduates from June 18 to 24. (Xinhua)

2003 China Fujian Fair Produces Fruitful Results

This picture shows businessmen holding trade talks at the ongoing 2003 China Fujian fair on fruitful results in scientific and technological projects held in Fuzhou, capital of east China's Fujian Province, June 18, 2003. More than 1,000 enterprises and 107 univeristies and scientific and technological research institutions throughout the country took part in the fair. (Xinhua

China's First Airport For Locust Control Started Operation Tuesday

A Yun-5 aircraft takes off at a special airport for locust control near the mouth of the Yellow River in Dongying, east China's Shandong Province, June 17, 2003. China's first airport for locust control started operation Tuesday, when two planes took off and sprayed locust insecticide, marking the beginning of an annual fight against the locust plague. The airport has a concrete runway and parking lot totaling about 40,000 square meters. (Xinhua)

Medical Workers In Xiaotangshan Anti-SARS Hospital

Doctors and nurses from the Norman Bethune International Peace Hospital make victory gesture on posing for photos in Xiaotangshan Anti-SARS Hospital in Beijing June 17, 2003. The last 20 SARS patients, still under treatment, could be permitted to leave the hospital soon. (Xinhua)

Chinese FM and U.S Secretary of State Hold Bilateral Talks In Phnom Penh

Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing (left) shakes hands with his U.S counterpart, Secretary of State Colin Powell, prior to their bilateral talks in Phnom Penh on the sidelines of the ASEAN meetings June 18, 2003. Powell said the current US-China relationship is satisfying, and the two sides have similar views on many important regional and international issues, and have co-operated well. [Xinhua] 

The Formation of Majestic Waterfalls On Yellow River

Consecutive rainfalls in the past few days in the upper reaches of the Yellow River valley have led to the formation of majestic waterfalls, which have turned red due to soil erosion, at HuKou, Shanxi Province, north China.

The Clash Between Palestine and Israel

Palestinian youth hurls stone at Israeli army tank during clashes in the Askar refugee's camp near the West Bank city of Nablus on June 17, 2003. Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas failed to persuade militants to call a truce with Israel, in another blow to a peace plan Secretary of State Colin Powell will try to save during a Middle East visit.

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