US-proposed Draft Resolution on Iraq Raises Questions: Russian Official

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister YuryFedotov said Saturday that the US-proposed draft resolution calling for lifting of sanctions against Iraq might raise questions.

"Most UN Security Council members, on the one hand, welcome thefact that the issue of the post-war reconstruction of Iraq has reached the Security Council. But, on the other hand, the US-proposed draft resolution may raise numerous questions," Fedotov was quoted by Interfax as saying.

The United States, together with Britain and Spain, put forwarda draft resolution to the Security Council Friday, asking for legitimization of their occupation of Iraq and shift of control over Iraq's vast oil revenues from the United Nations to the United States and its allies.

Fedotov said that the resolution was "quite viable", "but it has a lot of uncertainties that need to be dealt with" when the Security Council begins its debate next week, he added.

"During these discussions, Russia will once again try to make the case for its approaches to Iraq's postwar recovery and underscore the need for the United Nations' central role in this process," he said.

He said Russia hoped that the sanctions would be removed as soon as possible "in compliance with UN Security Council resolutions."

Russia, strongly opposing the US-led war in Iraq, insists on a central role of the United Nations in Iraq's post-war reconstruction as well as continuation of UN inspectors' search for banned weapons in Iraq as stated in earlier UN resolutions.

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