India Says US Contention on Iraq Proved Wrong

A senior Indian minister on Saturday accused the United States of constantly changing its position on why it waged war on Iraq, saying that Washington's contention that Baghdad possessed weapons of mass destruction had been proved wrong.

The United States was determined to attack Iraq and it only looked for "supporting reasons" in its action, Defense Minister George Fernandes said in Calcutta, 1460 kilometers southeast of here.

"It now proved that what Washington said about weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Baghdad was not right," he told the media.

He was quoted by the Press Trust of India (PTI) as saying that the United States had changed its position constantly for waging the war, from citing Baghdad was concealing weapons of mass destruction to saying that it wanted a regime change in the country.

The minister maintained that the war in Iraq had been going on since 1991, with regular attacks being carried out by the United States.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women and children had died because of lack of food and medicine in the last 10 years and to say that "the war has entered the 19th or 30th days has no meaningat all," Fernandes was quoted as saying.

The developments in Iraq will have far-reaching consequences globally and affect the economy of many countries, he added.

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