Iraq, US-led Coalition are both Losers in Iraqi War: Iranian President

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said Saturday the "unequal" war on Iraq has no winner, as both the Iraqi regime and the US-led forces suffered defeat morally in the international public opinion.

Addressing a gathering in Iran's southeastern Sistan-BaluchestanProvince, Khatami said the first loser of the war was the "dictatorial and belligerent regime of Saddam", and the next losers in the war were the invading forces.

He added that the invading forces were defeated first by the world public opinion and then morally.

Khatami said the Islamic countries and many other governments makers condemned the military invasion as evidenced by the anti-wardemonstrations still being held worldwide.

The invading forces also suffered moral defeat for the massacre of innocent men, women and children, and for ruining vital resources of the Iraqi nation, he said.

Khatami advised the US-led forces get out of Iraq quickly and permit the establishment of a broad-based and democratic governmentby Iraqi people themselves with the support of the world community.

"It is not yet late for the US and Britain, they can get out of Iraq quickly and make up for their mistakes and blunders to some extent by preparing the ground for establishment of a popular government in the country," he said.

He also expressed hope that the UN would act more forcefully through the world public opinion's strong support and prepare the ground for Iraqis to decide their own fate.

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