Iraq Says It Launches 37 Missiles on Coalition Troops

Iraq said Tuesday that it has launched 37 missiles on US and British troop concentrations at the Harir area in northern Iraq over the past 24 hours, an Iraqi military spokesman said.

The spokesman said that Iraqi armed forces succeeded in destroying 25 enemy tanks, eight armored vehicles, 13 reconnaissance vehicles and two rocket launchers and shooting downtwo helicopters and one unmanned plane during the same period.

Paramilitary "Fedayeen Saddam" fighters led by Iraqi President's son Uday killed 23 US and British soldiers and destroyed 35 tanks in battles in different parts of Iraq from Monday to 3:00 p.m. local time Tuesday, Baghdad Television reported.

Military operations by Iraqi paramilitary forces were carried out in six provinces in southern Iraq, the TV report said.

A US Apache helicopter was shot down and two pilots were killedby paramilitary who also destroyed six armored personnel carriers and killed those soldiers on board, it said.

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