China Strongly Calls for End to US-led War Against Iraq

China on Thursday strongly urged the United States and its allies to halt its war against Iraq and return to the road of resolving the Iraqi issue through political means.

"We strongly called on the countries concerned to put an end tothe military action and come back to the right path of political settlement of the question of Iraq," Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Wang Yingfan said in a Security Council open debate.

Regardless of opposition from the vast majority of countries inthe world, the United States and some other nations bypassed the United Nations and waged war against Iraq, he said.

"Such a practice violated the United Nations Charter and the basic norms of international law," Wang stressed.

The military action has already resulted in civilian casualtiesand loss of properties, and could bring about a humanitarian catastrophe, he warned.

It could also affect peace, stability and development in the region and the world as a whole, Wang added.

Wang said China supports the Security Council in playing a continued important role on the question of Iraq.

Meanwhile, he expressed the hope that the council could reach aconsensus on the draft resolution concerning the adjustment of theoil-for-food program.

The humanitarian relief for the Iraqi people provided by China will be shipped to Jordan in recent days, he said.

"China will continue to provide humanitarian assistance within the limit of its capability," he promised.

The two-day debate, which started Wednesday afternoon, was called at the request of the League of Arab States and the Non-Aligned Movement. It was the first of its kind since the conflict erupted in Iraq last week.

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