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Photo Archive --- Date:20030327

Designs of National Stadium shown to the public

Ren Dequan, a Beijing resident, levels the pickup camera at a picture of conceptual design "B09" for the National Stadium of China made by China's Tianjin and Hong Kong design institutes, at the Beijing International Convention Center here March 26, 2003. Thirteen designs for the National Stadium, the main stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games, began to show to the public Wednesday and visitors are welcome to vote for their favorite ones. The designs of B08, B11 and B12 have been selected for entry into the final competition.

Indonesian economist warned low GDP growth

A woman draws money from a cash dispenser in a store of central Jakarta, Indonesia, March 26, 2003. Indonesian economist warned that Indonesia's GDP (gross domestic product) would grow only 2.4 percent this year compared with the government's target of 3.8 percent if the US-led war in Iraq lasted more than six months.

Vice-president Stresses Importance of Party Schools

Communist Party of China (CPC) schools are vital for building a team of quality cadres, said Chinese Vice-President Zeng Qinghong Wednesday.  

President Hu Jintao meets with heads of local Party schools

Meeting with the heads of local Party schools who had just concluded a two-day meeting in Beijing, Chinese President Hu Jintao said Wednesday highly qualified officials are vital for China's economic development.  

Paris tighterns up security

Policemen guard the traffic joint in front of the National Assembly in the center of Paris, March 25, 2003. Security has been tightened in the French capital since the US-led war in Iraq began days ago.

Sandstorm hit Iraq-Kuwait border area

A Kuwaiti man wears protective mask in a sandstorm in Kuwait City, March 26, 2003. The sandstorm hit the border area between Kuwait and Iraq Wednesday.

Inner Mongolia suffers from heavy snowfall

The picture taken on March 22, 2003, shows a snow-covered courtyard near Chifeng city, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The central eastern part of the region has been attacked by heavy snowfall since March 10. More than 20,000 livestocks have died of cold and starvation.

Bush addresses US central command HQ in Florida

The ongoing war in Iraq was "making good progress" although it was "far from close", US President George W. Bush said on Wednesday in Tampa, Florida, where the US Central Command headquarters is based.

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