China Continues to Strongly Appeal for End of Military Actions in Iraq

China continues to strongly appeal for an early end to military actions against Iraq, as well as for a political solution to the Iraq issue, Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said Tuesday.

Peoples throughout the world, including the Chinese, share a common wish to oppose war and safeguard peace, he said, adding that China is willing to work together with the international community to push the Iraq issue back to a political solution in the framework of the United Nations.

The Chinese people expressed their desire for peace-loving and war-opposing, and supported the government's stance through various ways including meetings, forums, newspaper articles and television and radio programs, he said, adding that demonstrations were not the only displays of anti-war feelings, the spokesman said.

The Chinese people hope the whole human society could live in peace, and like other countries, China wishes to develop its economy and improve people's lives in a peaceful international environment and stable surroundings, he said.

China opposes the use of or threat of use of force in resolving international disputes, and will consider any plans and suggestions conducive to ending the war and resuming peace, he said.

China hopes the prisoners of war should be treated in a humanitarian way according to the Geneva Convention, he said, noting they should be respected physically and mentally.

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