Chinese New Leaders Take Care of Common People: US Media

The major US media takes a great account of the convocation of the "two conferences" in China and all major media made a report and a deep analysis of them especially when the new state leaders were elected at the NPC on Mar.15.

On that day, the AP released a news and two photos on its website: one being the panoramic view of the Great Hall of the People and another group photo, the shaking hands of Jiang Zemin with Hu Jintao. After several years' preparation, said the AP, China has finally fulfilled the replacement of the old leaders by the new. Hu Jintao, the new leader has already taken up the post of the General Secretary of the CCCPC and now again elected as President of the People's Republic of China. This is a successful hand-over of the political power. Hu Jintao, 60 years of age is rich with experiences of working at the grassroots and it is believed that he'll be able to carry on the policy of reform and opening to the outside world in China. The news said by citing what a representative from Hunan province said, "The new leaders will dedicate themselves to raising the living standard of the populace in China, especially that of the farmers and those working in the SOEs."

Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao go always to the grass-root levels, pointed out an article of the "Washington Post", making a study of the work and life of the workers and farmers. The Eve of New Year's Day saw Wen Jiabao have dumplings together with the miners and Hu Jintao have earnest talks with the herdsmen in Mongolian yurts in a cold evening. Moreover, Both Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao pay a great attention to the poverty-stricken areas. They go to rural areas for inspection, making it sure that they are helping the farmers and the laid-off workers to improve their lives.

The new leaders with Hu Jintao at the head catch the attention of the people, said an article of the "Los Angeles Times", but they will be confronted with an arduous task after coming into the offices. This includes how they are going to maintain a sustainable growth of the Chinese economy under a macro-environment that the world economy is still landed in depression, how to alleviate the taxation burden of the farmers and how to raise the subsidies for the poor in cities and how to wipe out bureaucratism, bribery and corruption, etc.

A "VOA" article said, Hu Jintao had studied the subject on water conservancy in the famous Tsinghua University. He came gradually to power by way of working hard in the poor and remote provinces of Gansu and Guizhou. In the past 4 months he made clear his stand and stance. Hu pays attention to the colony with low incomes in China, especially to the interests of the farmers and knocked-off workers. After the ending of the 16 Party's Congress people see Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao appear more frequently in the poor, backward and frontier regions of China. This indicates that they will pay more attention to the voices and interests of the colonies with low incomes.

Another "VOA" article has more to say, the newly elected premier used to be a geologist. He plays a low key in handling cases but is good at coordinating the relations from all aspects. The general view held is that he will continue to carry out steadfastly the policy of reform and opening to the outside world. When Wen Jiabao came to the post of No.1 vice premier in 1998 a rare big flood occurred along the Yangtze River areas. He went in person to the central flooding area and when faced with the choice of breaking the dyke for flood diversion or working hard to stick it out he chose the latter and finally won a success. In addition, he also devotes himself to the reform in reducing charges and taxes in the rural areas and long-term undertaking of the land by farmers, and strengthening the supervision over the work in financial sectors and so on.

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