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Photo Archive --- Date:20030323

Thousands of Spaniards Protest Against War on Iraq

Spain, one of the staunchest US allies on disarming Iraq by force, was facing a sweeping wave of anti-war sentiment at home, with thousands of Spaniards taking to the streets Saturday in the main cities of the country in protest against the US-led war.

Bombardment Resumes in Baghdad

Smoke rises over the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Strong bombardment resumed at 9 a.m. local time (0600 GMT) Sunday in central and western Baghdad. (Reuters Photo)

US Armor Pushes Half-Way to Baghdad

Scots Dragoon guards move from Kuwait into southern Iraq, March 22, 2003. The U.S.-British force waged round-the-clock bomb and missile attacks on Baghdad while ground forces invading from Kuwait seized the key southern port of Umm Qasr and advanced close to the Shi'ite holy city of Najaf, just 100 miles south of the capital. (Photo by Reuters}

Scene in Baghdad

In Baghdad, Iraqis set fire to trenches full of heavy oil in an attempt to create a smoke screen to protect the city from another night of bombing. (Photo: NY Times)

Anti-war Rally in Mexico

Mexican farmers holding flowers march to the United States Embassy in Mexico City to hold an anti-war rally March 21, 2003. Over 1,000 farmers from seven Mexican states attended the rally to protest against the US-led war on Iraq.

Green belt for Chinese Capital city

Beijing residents plant trees to start building the second greenbelt for the Chinese capital March 22, 2003. The greenbelt, to cover an area of 1,650 square kilometers, will be completed in 2008.

Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition in HK

Two visitors view works displayed in an exhibition of fine traditional Chinese paintings in the 20th century in Hong Kong, China, March 22, 2003. Works of more than 30 famous painters were showed in the exhibition.

Children mark World Water Day in Beijing

Children show their works for a designing competition under the theme of water marking the World Water Day in Beijing, capital of China, March 22. Some 100,000 primary school pupils in Beijing attended the competition.

USS Kitty Hawk ready for attack on Iraq

AGM-65 Maverick laser-guided missiles are just assembled for the attack on Iraq. The maverick is a short-range, air-to-surface, tactical missile. The version used by the Navy carries a warhead designed to penetrate large, hard targets. A great number of Maverick missiles were loaded on the fighters aborad the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier on Friday, March 21.

Chinese pair to compete for figure skating world championship

China's Shen Xue (L) and Zhao Hongbo rehearse their short program performance for pairs' event in MCI Sports Center in Washington DC, March. 21.

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