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Photo Archive --- Date:20030321

Backgrounder: Profile of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has delivered a speech on Iraqi TV, saying US attack against Iraq is part of "shameful crimes" against humanity.

Anti-war protestors in front of the White House

Anti-war protestors march in front of the White House in Washington March 19, 2003. Demonstrators rallied near a highly fortified and cordoned-off White House to protest the US-led military strike on Iraq.

Russia tightens up security

A Russian policeman guards in the snow in front of the United States Embassy in Moscow March 20, 2003. Russia has intensified security after the US launched a war on Iraq earlier in the day.

China calls for immediate stop of military actions on Iraq

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan speaks during a press conference in Beijing March 20, 2003. Kong siad that China strongly calls on the related countries to immediately stop the military actions and return to the right track to seek a political solution to the Iraq issue.

Anti-war protestors rally in Rome

Hundreds of Italian anti-war protestors rally in front of the Embassy of the United States in Italy here March 19, 2003 before the deadline of US President George W. Bush's ultimatum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to leave his country within 48 hours or face a war. During the rally, they appealed to the world peace and protested against the US-led war on Iraq.

Anti-war demonstration in New York

A young man protests US-led war against Iraq at the Time Square of Manhattan in New York March 19, 2003. The US-led war agaist Iraq started Thursday.

US heavy B-52 bombers take off for Iraq

US heavy B-52 bombers take off from a British air base, bound for Iraq March 20, 2003.

An US military plane outside Turkish airbase

A US military plane flies over a Turkish boy outside the Incirlik airbase March 19, 2003. The Turkish government Wednesday asked the parliament to vote on allowing the deployment of US troops in Turkey,as a US-led war on Iraq seems imminent.

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