Bush Sets Monday Deadline for Diplmacy over Iraq Issue

US President George W.Bush said in Terceura, Portugal Sunday that Monday is the last chance for diplomacy over the Iraq issue.

Joined by leaders of Britain, Spain and Portugal at a press conference after an Iraq crisis summit here, Bush said, "We concluded that tomorrow is a moment of truth for the world."

"The Iraqi regime will disarm itself or the Iraqi regime will be disarmed by force -- and the regime has not disarmed itself," Bush said.

Bush held the emergency summit on Iraq in Azores Islands with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar in a bid to decide what nest step they will take on the Iraq issue.

Portugal is the host country of the summit, which decides to set Monday a deadline for diplomacy over Iraq as the UN Security Council is to meet on Monday at the UN headquarters in New York to seek a consensus on the Iraq crisis.

Some 300 to 400 armed policemen on the island, which is more than 1,000 kilometers away from Portuguese coast, have been put onguard around the military base to ensure the security of the summit.

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