Saddam Vows to Globalize War if Attacked

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein vowed on Sunday that Iraq would take the war "anywhere in the world," if US-led forces launch attack on the country.

"When the enemy launches the war on a large scale, it must realize that the battle between us will be waged wherever there is sky, earth and water in the world," Saddam said in a meeting with top aides.

The United States and Britain, accusing Iraq of secretly developing weapons of mass destruction, are pouring over 250,000 troops into the Gulf region to back up their threats to disarm Baghdad by force.

Saddam repeated his denial that Iraq has any weapons of mass destruction and termed the pretext of US and Britain for war "a biglie."

"There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," Saddam said.

"For those who ask for a delay for Iraq to destroy its weapons, well, give us time and the necessary means and we will produce any weapon they want and then we will invite them to come and destroy them," said Saddam.

Earlier on Sunday, US President George W. Bush said at a news conference after meeting with leaders of Britain, Spain and Portugal, that "tomorrow (Monday) will be a moment of truth for theworld," and also "the day to determine if diplomacy is going to work."

Top UN arms inspector Hans Blix said, in a response to the just-ended Azores summit in Portugal, that the Bush remarks were "very threatening."

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