Confident Captain Says Kitty Hawk Ready for Iraq War

The USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier is ready for a United States-led war against Iraq,Captain Thomas A. Parker, its Commanding Officer said here aboard the aircraft carrier deployed in the Gulf.

In an interview with a group of international journalists, he said: "We're fully capable, our crews are best trained, our planes are in good shape. We're ready."

Parker described his sailors and pilots as "really true Sept.11 forces."

The USS Kitty Hawk carrier is deployed in the Gulf along with two other aircraft carriers, the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Constellation.

The Kitty Hawk was there "to support the goals of the United States government" and "to liberate the Iraqi people," Parker said, hoping the people in the Gulf region could understand the reasons why the United States brought the ship there.

Captain Parker said if Iraq met its obligations to disarm, if Iraqi President Saddam Hussein could leave office tomorrow, the Iraq issue would be resolved peacefully. Otherwise "we'll disarmhim militarily," he said.

Parker, 50, became Commanding Officer of USS Kitty Hawk in February 2003, when the aircraft carrier was operating out of Yokosuka, Japan.

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