France Rejects New British Proposal on Iraq

France on Thursday rejected a new proposal advanced by Britain to impose six conditions on Iraq's disarmament, Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said in a statement.

"It is not a question of giving Iraq a few more days before resorting to force, but of going forward resolutely along the path of peaceful disarmament laid down by the inspections, which are a credible alternative to war," de Villepin said.

He held the belief that Britain's new ideas on disarming Iraq did not address the key issue of seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis, saying the current inspection in Iraq is "producing result" and more time should be given for the country to disarm effectively.

France also supports the efforts of those who have been refusing "the logic of an ultimatum" to put the inspection within the framework of a precise work program and timetable, the minister added.

Britain on Wednesday put forward six specific tasks on Iraq's disarmament, in an attempt to muster support for a draft UN resolution paving the way to a possible Iraq war.

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