Blix to Submit List of Key Remaining Disarmament Tasks Next Week

Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix said at the UN Headquarters in New York Monday he will submit to the Security Council next week a list of "key remaining disarmament tasks" in the inspection of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Blix, head of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), told reporters following a close-door council consultation on the US-UK-Spain draft on Iraq that he will present the list to make clear what is demanded of Iraq.

"Earlier last week we declassified a cluster document which contains analysis on the unresolved disarmament issues," he said, "It was welcomed by the council members."

The chief inspector said he would come back to the council with a working program, as required by resolution 1284 of 1999.

"I think I have made public that the document would be ready sometimes next week," he said.

He confirmed that the upcoming document will contain "key remaining disarmament tasks," which will be selected from unsolved questions prepared by UNMOVIC in its quarterly report.

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