Iraq, Kuwait Trade Insults at OIC Emergency Meeting

Iraq and Kuwait traded insults publicly Wednesday at summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in worsening feud between the two Gulf rivals as a war is looming.

Iraq's No. 2 leader Ezzat Ibrahim shouted "Shut up you monkey!" when Kuwaiti Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sheik Mohammed Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah interrupted his speech at the opening session.

Ibrahim, vice-chairman of Iraq's Revolution Command Council, was blasting Kuwait for allying with the United States for a war on Iraq. Kuwait is hosting more than half of US troops deployed in the GULF poised to launch a strike on Iraq.

Summit chairman Qatari emir Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani moved immediately to intervene. "We are not here for such exchanges," he said, before giving the floor to the delegation of Afghanistan.

Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, but was forced to withdraw in 1991 from the tiny oil-rich neighbor by forces from a US-led coalition.

Iraq is threatening retaliatory attacks against Kuwait if it allows US troops to launch a strike from its territory under the name of disarming Iraq of weapons of mass destruction.

The OIC emergency summit was convened Wednesday to coordinate an Islamic stance against a US-led war on Iraq, also member of the Islamic world.

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