Chinese Premier to be Elected to Meet Press March 18

The premier to be elected at the imminent First Session of the 10th National People's Congress (NPC) will be invited to meet the press when the session ends on March 18, a session spokesman Jiang Enzhu said Tuesday.

Jiang noted that at the first press conference of the session, due for Wednesday, as in the previous annual sessions, some NPC delegations would meet Chinese and foreign journalists.

During the session, a number of press conferences will be held, and senior official of some government ministries and commissions will be invited to brief respectively on the country's foreign policies, economic development, the development of western China, agriculture, employment and social security, and environmental protection effort.

Leaders of some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as well as some NPC deputies will also be invited to answer reporters' questions in a number of group interviews to be organized during the session, Jiang said.

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