Tibetan New Year Celebration Continues

Dressed in highly-decorated robes, residents of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region welcomed the Tibetan Lunar New Year with traditional pastries and barley wine on Monday.

According to the Tibetan tradition, the first day of the lunar new year should be marked by gatherings of family and friends.

Homes were covered in new Tibetan cloth and signs of good luck were painted on the doors.

Meanwhile, worshippers went to temples to pay homage to Buddha as well as celebrating the Tibetan Year of the Goat.

The Potala Palace was also crowded with local worshippers and visitors from around China.

Losang Yexe, from Chamdo in eastern Tibet, said his life had continuously improved in recent years.

"We would like to celebrate the new year with singing and dancing," he said.

Tibetan people will enjoy a week-long Tibetan New Year holiday and engage in various religious, cultural and sports activities.

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