Chinese Envoy Hails UN Efforts to Better Protect Women

Chinese envoy to the United Nations Zhang Yishan on Monday praised the efforts by the UN specialized agencies for gender mainstreaming and for protecting women from discrimination.

Zhang, China's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, told the 47th session of the Commission on the Status of Women that the UN agencies had made some positive results in protecting women's human rights and eliminating discrimination and violence against women and girls.

These issues are of great concern for the international community, he added.

He said China has attached great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of women and children and acceded to many international human rights instruments.

China has also enacted and amended laws and regulations on the protection of the rights and interests of women and children, he said, adding that coordinating bodies and legal service agencies were established in most part of the country to offer them better protection.

"All these activities have effectively enhanced the state's ability to safeguard and protect women's human rights," he said.

Zhang described as of great significance the two issues discussed at the session, "women's human rights" and "access of women to the media." He said the Chinese government would make more effective use of media to promote its basic national policy of gender equality and gender awareness so as to improve the social environment for the development of women an children.

He urged the governments to make full use of information and communication technology to promote and increase women's access toe ducation, health care and a productive economic life.

Citing the example that the number of women internet users nearly tripled in five years from 1997, he said it is imperative that governments take into account the gender perspective while formulating and implementing policies and strategies concerning information and communication technology.

The session is a follow-up to the Fourth World Conference on Women and the 23rd special session of the General Assembly on issues concerning gender equality, development and peace.

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