Bush Faces Increasingly Poor Image Overseas: Washington Post

More and more people think US President George W. Bush is a greater threat to world peace than Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, according to the messages from US embassies around the globe, the Washington Post reported Monday.

The antiwar protests by millions of people on Feb. 15 in the cities of major US allies reflected the messages from US embassies around the globe which were closely watched by the State Department, the report said.

"It is rather astonishing," a senior US official who has access to the reports was quoted as saying. "There is an absence of any recognition that Hussein is the problem."

Antiwar protests were held recently in dozens of American cities at the same time as the protests in other countries.

Bush stated last week that he would not be deterred by global antiwar protests, saying that he "respectfully disagrees" with millions of people who were taking to the street to protest war against Iraq.

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