Top Chinese, Indian Lawmakers Meet in Beijing

Top Chinese, Indian Lawmakers Meet in Beijing
China and India, the world's two largest developing countries, should play a constructive role in the process of multi-polarization and economic globalization, top Chinese legislator Li Peng said Tuesday.

Li, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), made the remarks during a meeting here with Manohar Joshi, speaker of India's House of the People.

China and India had constantly improved relations in recent years, Li said, noting that China had attached great importance to developing friendly relations of cooperation with India.

He suggested the two countries, which shared common interests in a wide range of global issues on politics and economy, should maintain and promote ties to contribute to world peace and development.

Li also said that the NPC is willing to boost exchanges with the parliament of India.

Joshi said that India and China, both with a long history of civilization, had both witnessed rapid economic growth in recent years. The two countries had made remarkable progress in promoting bilateral ties and enhancing common development, he said.

He expressed his wish to strengthen cooperation between India and China since the two countries had a consensus in many issues such as developing bilateral trade and fighting terror.

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