Shanghai Wins World Expo 2010 Bid

Shanghai wins World Expo 2010 Bid with 54 votes at the fourth round of voting at the 132nd general assembly of the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) in Monte Carlo .

Shanghai was followed by Yeoso of South Korea with 34 votes. Of the 89 member countries of the Bureau of International Expositions(BIE), 88 cast their votes at the fourth round of voting with one abstention.

On behalf of the Chinese bidding city, Shanghai Mayor Chen Liangyu said his city will earmark 100 million US dollars to attract the widest participation. "The fund will be used to offer full financial assistance to the least developed countries and provide subsidies to the developing countries," he said.

As head of China's national commission on bidding to host the world event, Wu Yi said more and more investors turn to China for its vast market, more and more tourists come to China for its time-honored, splendid culture, and more and more foreigners become friends of China for its honest, warm-hearted people. "If we are chosen, we will prove with our hard work and wisdom that you have made the right choice," she told the meeting.

At the meeting on Tuesday, representatives from BIE's 89 member states are expected to vote on a host city to be chosen from amongShanghai, Moscow, Queretaro of Mexico, Poland's Wroclow and Yeosu of the Republic of Korea after China's presentation in the afternoon.

Before the decisive voting, the other four candidate countries also made presentations in a last-ditch effort to win the bid to host the World Expo 2010. Final voting results will be announced at around 1400 GMT.

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