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Photo Archive --- Date:20021122

China Fashion Week 2002 Opens in Beijing

A model presents a fur coat designed by Chinese fashion designer Zhang Zhiqin at the opening of the "2002 China Fashion Week International" in Beijing Nov.21, 2002. The week-long event features more than 30 fashion shows by international and Chinese fashion designers. (Xinhua)

Guangxi Investment and Trade Fair in Nanning

A woman of China's Yao ethnic group recommends products to a merchant at the five-day Guangxi investment and trade fair, beginning from Nov. 21 in Nanning, southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nov. 21, 2002. (Xinhua)

China Mosuo Ethnic Museum in Ninglang

Two men of Mosuo people show off swords with 1,000 years' history exhibited in a Mosuo museum in Ninglang County, southwest China's Yunnan Province, Nov. 14, 2002. After four years' construction and historial information collection, the Mosuo museum reflecting local people's custom opened to the public recently in Luoshui village near the famous Lake Lugu in Yunnan. (Xinhua)

Hong Kong -- Help You Keep in Line with the Global Market

Philip Wong Yu-hong, chairman of China's mainland consultative committee of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, signs at the first publishing ceremony of the book entitled "Hong Kong -- Help You Keep in Line with the Global Market", in Beijing Nov. 21, 2002. This book tells companies in the Chinese mainland how to take Hong Kong's advantages of trade and commerce to keep in line with the global market. (Xinhua)

World's First Two-forearms Transplanting Operation Successful in China

Professor Zhang Xinying (R) examins the X-rays of a patient's transplanted forearms Nov. 21, 2002. The transplanting operation, the first of its kind in the world, was successfully conducted by the First Clinical Institute of Harbin Medical University. (Xinhua)

First Southeast Agriculture Expo in Nanning

Visitors look at fruits and vegetables on display in the three-day First Southeast Agriculture Expo held in Nanning, capital of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nov. 21, 2002. Industrialists and businessmen from southeast Asian countries and regions are participating in the event. (Xinhua)

The 5th International Motorcycle Expo in Guangzhou

Visitors look at motorcycles in the fifth International Motorcycle Expo held in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, Nov. 21, 2002. Over 100 manufacturers from foreign countries and regions exhibit their motorcycles and motorcycle accessories in the event. (Xinhua)

"Nature" Carries Article on China's Rice Chromosome Sequencing

Dr. Han Bin from China's Academy of Sciences studies the diagram of the gene sequencing for the fourth chromosome of rice in Shanghai Nov. 18, 2002. According to the relevant Chinese departments' announcement on Nov. 21, Chinese scientists had completed the precise sequence of rice genome. The British magazine "Nature" issued a paper on this important scientific result Thursday. (Xinhua) 

Tibetan Girls Have a Good Education

A 16-year-old Tibetan girl chats with her roommates in Maqu County of the Ganan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China's Gansu Province Nov. 19, 2002. Ganan County is located in the far-eastern end of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with an average altitude of over 3,600 metres. Tibetan girls rarely had chances to go to school in the old days, but more and more local girls have been acquiring knowdge here since the launching of the Project Hope especially for the minority girls in China's vast western regions. (Xinhua)

"If I Were Old" Activity

The photo taken Nov. 20, 2002 in East China's Hangzhou shows Chen Cheng, a college student from China's Arts Academy, getting off the bus with his leg tightly wrapped, which is an authentic text to experience the inconvenient movement of the elderly. Chen Cheng launched the activity "if I were old" in order to design the special products for the elderly. (Xinhua)

NATO Invites Seven Candidate Countries for Membership

U.S. President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell listen to proceedings during the afternoon session of the NATO summit in Prague on November 21. (Xinhua/Reuters) 

Chinese Lifters Take Men's 69kg Gold, Silver at Weightlifting Worlds

Chinese strongmen Zhang Guozheng (C) and Chen Chufu (L) took the gold and silver medals of the men's 69kg snatch at the weightlifting world championships in WARSAW on Thursday. (Xinhua) 

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