China Urges Israel Refrain from Abusing Military Forces Against Palestinians

China Urges Israel Refrain from Abusing Military Forces Against Palestinians
China on Thursday urged Israel to refrain from abusing military forces against the Palestinians and take effective measures to ease the humanitarian crisis in Palestinian areas.

Visiting Chinese special envoy to the Middle East Wang Shijie made the remarks during his meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz in Tel Aviv.

Wang said China understands Israel's security demands under the background of a 25 months violent conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.

But any excessive use of military forces, which were explained as responses to violent attacks by Palestinian extremists, would not be helpful to relieve the worsening situation in the region, he noted.

The Chinese envoy stressed that resuming talks is the only way leads to a peaceful solution.

Mofaz, who was sworn in the portfolio early this month, told the Chinese senior diplomat that Israel has two pre-conditions for resuming political talks: stopping all violence and terror attacks, the step-down of Palestinian National Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

Mofaz attributed the growing tensions in the region to the Palestinian terror attacks targeted at innocent Israeli civilians.

The Chinese envoy told the defense minister that he met with Arafat on Wednesday, and the Palestinian leader had expressed his strong willingness to compromise to the Israeli side and take measures to stop all violence.

The Israeli government should negotiate with Arafat, who was legitimately elected by the Palestinian people, and refrain from taking extreme move that would lead to aggravate the tensions in the region, Wang urged.

Later in the day, the Chinese envoy concluded his first diplomat mediation to the region, which has also brought him to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.

China Calls for Just Solution on Mideast Issue
China calls for a just and reasonable solution to the Middle East issue, visiting Chinese special envoy to the Middle East Wang Shijie said Thursday in Tel Aviv.

Meeting with UN special envoy to the Middle East Terje Roed Larson, Wang said he believes that any unjust and unbalanced solution will not become a lasting solution.

Wang briefed the UN envoy about his mission to the Middle East, which has also brought him to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine.

He said during his visit to the Arab countries, he has got a strong feeling about the desire for peace from the Arab side and the willingness to compromise from the Palestinian side.

The Chinese envoy added that his visit to the region has strengthened his belief that the Israelis and Palestinians have no choice but living peacefully side by side.

The two envoys exchanged views on the situation in the region and on the US proposed "road map" plan for the Mideast peace.

For his part, Larson said the Quartet Committee on the Middle East, which groups the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia, is discussing of the "road map".

The peace proposal could be sent to the UN Security Council, which could adopt a resolution on it, he said.

Larson also hoped that China, as a permanent member of the Security Council, can play a bigger role on the Middle East peace.

Wang concluded his nine-day mission to the Middle East late Thursday. Before departure, Wang said he will come back to the region to continue his mediation whenever is necessary.

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