World Largest Water Turbogenerator Set Installed in Three Gorges Plant

At the installation room of left-side power generation station of the Three Gorges, with a whistle of the director, two China-made overhead cranes with a single-hook capacity of 1200 tons lifted up a generation rotor weighting over 1900 tons and smoothly installed it in half an hour, November 7.

As the world biggest water turbogenerator equipment, installation of the rotor marks the basic completion of the first generator set in the Three Gorges construction site, as well as beginning of the final stage of set installation.

The Three Gorges generator set is the world biggest water turbogenerator set, which is very difficult for manufacture and installation. The Three Gorges has totally 26 sets installed, 14 of them at the left-side station, with a single-unit capacity of 700,000kw. The number 2, 5, 3 and 6 generation sets will begin to work in 2003 and this is the first time for China to install 700,000kw single generators.

By PD Online Staff Li Heng

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