Work to Start on Kaesong Industrial Park

South Korea and DPRK agreed in Pyongyang, Saturday, to complete the development of some 3.3 million square meters of land in DPRK border city of Kaesong by the end of next year, as part of the first stage of development of the 66 million square meter Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Following the agreement, South Korean firms are expected to start setting up their plants in the complex as early as the end of 2003. The South for its part has promised to do its utmost to ensure a smooth supply of power, communications and water to the region on a commercial basis.

Hyundai Asan and Koland will discuss with KEPCO and Korea Telecom on the supply of electricity and communications necessary for the operation of the industrial park.

DPRK will announce the Kaesong Industrial Complex Law later this month and the two sides will discuss a timeframe for the industrial park construction and the placement of a liaison office at a second working level meeting in Seoul during December.

A South Korean official involved said, the North wants to heighten international competitiveness by enacting a law that allows more benefits than that of Sinuiju SAR to the industrial park. The first phase is expected to allow 150-200 businesses to move in, creating employment for some 20,000 DPRK workers.

The two sides however failed to reach an agreement on the issue regarding flood prevention of the Imjin River due to differences on the provision of tree saplings to the North. Their next meeting has been set for January next year.

Source: Agencies

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