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Photo Archive --- Date:20020818

Summer Fest in Chinatown Held in New York

A girl of Burman origin porforms Burman dancing on the Summer Fest in Chinatown in New York city, United States August 16, 2002. During the three-day Fest held in Columbia Park of Manhattan, residents of Asian countries' origins perform singing and dancing and provide cates of specialities to rebound economy of Chinatown.กก

Funeral of Palestinian Ayman Fares

A medical worker takes up a hand of five-year-old Palestinian Ayman Fares during his funeral in the Khan Yunis refugee camp August 16, 2002. The boy was shot dead 15 August when Israeli tanks opened fire on the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis.

Independence Day of Indonesia

Indonesian youth in traditional ethnic costumes wave national flags during the ceremony to mark the 57th anniversary of the country's independence at the presidential palace in Jakarta, Aug 17, 2002.

Beijing Residents Hold First Democratic Election of Community

People living in a downtown Beijing residential area cast their votes Saturday in the first ever democratic multi-candidate election of a local community chief and officials.

Rescue Operation in Shisha Pagma

A rescue team sets out for a new rescue operation from 5580-meter-high base camp at Mount Shisha Pagma in southwest China's Tibet, Aug. 17, 2002. A top-level rescue team have been sent to the mount Thursday, where five students from Beijing University died in a huge avalanche one week ago.

Int'l Gymnastics Master Challenge in Beijing

China's Wang Tiantian jumps over the pommel horse during the Li Ning Cup International Gymnastics Master Challenge in Beijing Aug. 17, 2002. Wang Tiantian won the gold medal of women's pommel horse on Saturday.

Farewell to old Bus

Hong Kong people bid farewell to the last non-air-conditioned "hot dog" bus in Hong Kong Aug. 17, 2002. The bus retired in a ceremony on Saturday.

"The Fun we Had--Children Games in the Past"

A boy whips a top in a community park in Tianjin Aug. 17, 2002. Residents in the community took part in "the Fun We Had_Children Games in the Past" serial activities which aimed at strengthening understanding and communication between the neighbors.

Munslide in Southwest China

Picture shows the earth surface destroyed by a mudslide in Xinping County, Yunnan Province Aug. 14, 2002. The mudslide killed 36 and injured 33. Thirty others are still missing. 

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