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Photo Archive --- Date:20020816

2002 Forum on Network Media of China Opens

The 2nd Forum on Network Media opened Friday in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province,  

Memory of Japan's Wartime Crimes Still Clear

Japan's wartime crimes cannot be forgotten by the Chinese and Japanese people who told their true stories on the 57th anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II.  

Inter-Korean Joint Celebration Begins

Civic delegates from South Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Thursday morning jointly celebrated the 57th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule in Seoul.

'The Artocity Of Gestapos' Exhibition Opens In Shenyang

Two visitors to the exhibition named 'The Atrocity of Gestapos' in Shenyang look at the pictures on the wall, Aug. 15,2002. To commemorate the 57th anniversary of winning the world's anti-fascist war, the exhibition opened in the History Museum in Shenyang, capital city of Northeast China's Liaoning province. 200 pictures and caption of more than 10,000 words in three parts showed the visitors the ferocity Nazi Germany had committed to the people in Germany and their occupying nations during World War Άς. (Xinhua Photo/Li Gang)

Kabul Preparing for Independence Day

Two Afghan workers set bulbs by a lift on a street in Kabul Aug. 15£¬2002. In preparation for the coming Independence Day of Aug. 19, Afghanistani are on a large scale clearing streets and improving urban lighting in the capital. (Xinhua Photo/Zhao Peng)

Palestine and Israeal Discuss Withdraw of Israeli Troop

A Palestine girl stands between four giant portraits of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, French President Jacques Chirac and Egyptian President Muhammed Hosni Mubarak hanging on the wall in Gaza City, Aug. 14, 2002. Palestinian and Israeli officials discussed the "Gaza first" plan Wednesday, in which Israeli troops will withdraw from Gaza Strip. (Xinhua Photo/Zhou Yijun)

Chinese Gongfu in Canada

With the help of an instructor, two students practise Chinese gongfu at Tangshi martial arts school, which has opened for more than 20 years in Montreal, Canada August 14, 2002. As one of Chinese traditional cultures, Gongfu has been greatly welcomed by foreigners. There are hundreds of such kinds of gongfu schools in Canada presently. (Xinhua Photo/Hu Guangyao)

Flood Peak Passing Vienna

A man leaves a bar almost drowned in water as flood peak with a flux of 10,500 cubic meters per second passing through Vienna in the afternoon of August 14, 2002. Northern Austria has in recent days suffered the worst floods over the past 100 years, leaving roads and bridges destroyed and over 100,000 flood victims with a total property loss of 5 to 6 billion euroes. The water level on the lower reaches of the Donau River is still swelling after heavy rain ceased.(Xinhua Photo/Lin Chuang)

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