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Photo Archive --- Date:20020815

Buckingham Palace opens to public

A group of tourists from the United States wait outside Buckingham Palace for its open August 13, 2002.The Palace, built in 1703, now serves as the residence of the Queen Elizabeth II and is a well known historic site in Britain. The Palace opens to the public on a regular basis, from August 5 to September 29 this year visitors can tour its Grand Dancing Hall, Drawing Room,State Room, Music Room,Royal's gallery, Royal's garden etc.

American Airlines cut jobs and fligts

An American Airlines airplane (Down R) sits at the Reagan State Airport while a US Airways plane ready to land in Washington DC August 13, 2002. Following the US Airways filing for bankruptcy protection on August 11, the American Airlines announced a plan Tuesday to cut 7,000 jobs and ground 74 F-100 passenger planes in an attempt to get through its financial crisis.

Jurassic park in Beijing

A Malay artist puts in order several baby dinosaur props in Beijing Purple Bamboo Park Wednesday Aug. 14, 2002. Dinosaur props in the movie Jurassic Park shot by Steven Spielberg will be on a two-month exhibition from Aug. 16 in the park.

2 University Students Killed, 3 Missing in Mount Shisha Pagma

Two members of a Beijing University expedition were killed while three others went missing when they were trying to conquer the 8,012-meter Mount Shisha Pagma in Tibet one week ago, the Tibetan Mountaineering Association (TMA) confirmed on Wednesday. 

Ex-East Timorese Governor Sentenced Three Years In Jail

Abilio Soares (C), Indonesian ex-East Timorese governor, is escorted to Jakarta central court, Aug. 14, 2002. Abilio Soares was sentenced by Jakarta central court to three years in jail for not preventing the murderous rampage taking place in East Timor during the United Nations-administered ballot for independence in 1999. (Xinhua Photo/Zhuang Jin)

UN Envoy Meets With Iraq Foreign Minister

UN envoy Richard Foran (L) meets with Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri in Baghdad Wednesday Aug. 14. They discussed the procedure for Iraq to return Kuwaiti national archives seized by Iraq during its occupation of the emirate in August 1990 to February 1991. Foran expected the transfer would take place within the next few weeks. (Xinhua Photo/Liang Youchang)

View of Gaza

A donkey cart drives in parallel with cars on Omar Makhtar street in Gaza city August 13, 2002. The street is six- kilometer-long, the best well-known one in Gaza city that traverses the city from its east to west. (Xinhua Photo/Zhou Yijun)

Children's Street Activity

Two schoolgirls present their drawings on Trafalgar Square of London August 13, 2002. From July various art associations and organizations in London offer crayons and papers in squares, streets and other public places for children to spend their holidays. The activity receives a warm welcome from children. (Xinhua Photo/Wang Dingchang)

Highlights From Beijing Opera Stage

Chinese Beijing Opera actors perform at Chang'an Opera House in Beijing Aug. 13, 2002. China Beijing Opera Theatre put on a show of selected highlights from Beijing Opera Tuesday evening. (XINHUA PHOTO/SHADATI)

Model Contest Ends in Lhasa

Models are posing on the stage at the closing ceremony of China's zone final of the 2002 World Elite Model Contest held in Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region August 13, 2002. (Xinhua Photo/Wang Jian Min)

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