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Photo Archive --- Date:20020812

Miss Hong Kong Final

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2001 winner Tiffany Lam Man Lee (r) poses with first runner-up Jolly Victoria Jane (c) and 2nd runner-up Cathy Wu Kar Wai (L) at the Miss Hong Kong pageant 2002 in Hong Kong August 11, 2002.

Performing Tibetan Drama in Shoton Festival

An actor performs Tibetan drama during Shoton Festival in a park of Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region August 11, 2002. Shoton Festival, which is also called the Tibetan Opera Festival, is held each year from the end of the sixth month to the middle of the seventh month according to the Tibetan calendar. Xodon means yogurt banquet. (Xinhua Photo/Cui Feng)

Hawking Answers Questions

World famous scientist Stephen William Hawking(right) answers questions at a meeting presided by Chinese mathematician Qiu Chengtong(left) in Hangzhou, capital city of southeast China's Zhejiang Province Sunday, August 11, 2002. Hawking came to China to attend the Convention of International Mathematicians. (Xinhua Photo/Wang Xiaochuan)

Ten Years of Silk Road on The Sea in Northeast Asia

Chinese cargo ship MULAN carring 1851 tons of corns leaves on August 11, 2002 the Fuyuan Port of northeast' China's Heilongjiang province for Japan's Sakata Port. The ship's voyage indicated that the sea route which is called " Oriental Silk Road on the Sea" in northeast Asia has run for 10 years.

Drawing Milk Cows

Zhang Zinong, a pupil from Hohhot, draws a picture at a contest of paintings with the theme of "Milk Cows in My Mind" held in Huhhot, capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Sunday, August 11, 2002. More than one hundred elementary school students attended the contest which is a part of the ongoing Milk Cows Competition. (Xinhua Photo/Li Xin)

Milk Cows Competition Held in Hohhot

Yan Weizhi(left) holds a check after he and his cow win the championship in the first Milk Cows Competition held in Hohhot, capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Sunday, August 11, 2002. More than one thousand milk cows from Hohhot attended the competition. The cow of Yan wins the title with its annual yield of 11.4 tons of milk. (Xinhua Photo/Li Xin)

Home Cyclist Breaks World Record in World Cup Track Cycling Grand Final

Chinese cyclist Jiang Yonghua wins the title of the female 500 meters individual time trials and also breaks the world record in the time of 34 seconds during the grand final of the 2002 World Cup Track Cycling at Chenggong in China's southwest Yunan Province August 11, 2002. The previous record is created by a French rider in 1998 in the time of 34.01 seconds.(Xinhua Photo/Lin Yiguang)

Fathers' Stroke

Nearly 100 fathers stroke their babies during a performance of "Johnson Baby" in the Hong Kong Exhibition Center Sunday August 11. With directions from experts, the loving fathers learned to massage and relax their babies even into a dreamland. (Xinhua Photo/Wu Bin)

Fair for Babies

Some people visit a displaying area of toys during a fair for children which displays articles for babies and children in Hong Kong August 11, 2002. A lot of visitors including parents-to-be and children came to the fair. (Xinhua Photo/Wu Bin)

Confernce of the Chinese American Alliance for China's Peaceful Reunification Held in Chicago

Lilia Huiying Li, honorary chairwoman of the conference of the Chinese American Alliance for China's Peaceful Reunification, delivers an opening speech at the conference held in Chicago August 10, 2002. Delegates from US and other parts of the world took part in the conference. (Xinhua photo/Wang Yan)

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