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Home Buyers in China Seeking Upgraded Apartments

A growing number of well-off residents in China are seeking to buy apartments with easy access to nature and equipped with smart Internet services and advanced community management.


Home buyers in China seeking upgraded apartments
A growing number of well-off residents in China are seeking to buy apartments with easy access to nature and equipped with smart Internet services and advanced community management.

At an on-going housing exhibition in Beijing Saturday, many visitors seeking apartments showed great interest in homes with individual designs and high technology.

"The Chinese housing industry has entered a new stage marked by the individual house purchasers," said Liu Jie, a real estate development company manager. "The house buyers put higher requirements on the natural environment and design, as well as the high technologies used in the houses."

China's housing industry is taking substantial steps to promote a national standard of healthy housing. An official from the housing sector noted that 72 items of the standard complied with requirements set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

During the past decades of planned housing assignment, however, Chinese residents were contented just to own an apartment.

"I have bought a decent apartment at the western part of Beijing," said Miss Liu. "I think the high technologies used in the apartment can provide me a cozy, healthy and smart home."

According to Miss Liu, the so-called "Tiptop" apartment project has taken the lead in saying good-bye to the air-conditioner and heater era thanks to the adoption of high comfort and low-energy technologies.

In addition to a functional building, many house buyers prefer to live near the nature with a nice ecological environment. The development of highway, subway, and light train systems has greatly shortened the distances between the city proper and its outskirtan areas.

A housing theme called "Your Second Residence" has drawn the attention of many visitors.

"I very much want to spend my holidays close to nature," said Miss Wang, an employee of a foreign-funded company.

In spite of a snug suite she owns in the city, Liu still loves to have another nice home in the "Legend Town", a residential district with lush-green hills and limpid water in Beijing's outskirtan rural area.

In order to provide high-quality apartments, the Ministry of Construction has carried out a Healthy Apartment Demonstration Program.

"A host of new technologies have been adopted in these demonstration houses, in a bid to raise housing quality," said Liang Xiaoqing, vice-chairman of the Center for Housing Industrialization Promotion of the Construction Ministry.

There so far have been 57 such demonstration programs around the country, and more are planned, according to Liang.

Private home owners make up 94 percent of the population, officials from the Construction Ministry said. With plans for each urban resident to have 22-square meters of living space by the year2005, the contribution of high technology to housing will continue to increase.

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