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Photo Archive --- Date:20020809

Vegetation Growing on Concrete

A technician observes the growing situation of grass cultivated on concrete at the Institute of Water Conservancy Science in Tianjin City August 8, 2002. The new technique developed by the institute is expected to be spread widely in 2003. (Xinhua Photo/Liu Haifeng)

Forest Fire in Northeast China Under Partial Control

Five of the 10 fires raging in China's largest virgin forest in the Greater Hinggan Mountains, in Northeast China, were put out Thursday.  

Shoton Festival in LhasaĦĦ

Tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists from home and abroad watch the giant Thangka of the Buddha Sakyamuni during the Shoton Festival at the Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, capital of China's Tibet Autonomous Region August 8, 2002. Giant Thangka display activity, always held on the 30th of June according to the Tibetan calendar, is the highlight of the Festival. The Shoton Festival is also known as Yogurt Festival since locals have the custom to eat Tibetan yogurt during the gala. (Xinhua Photo/Cui Feng)

Learning Chinses History and Culture in Summer Vacation

Some young people walk to the cultural museum of Hong Kong to visit the exhibtions about Chinese history and culture August 8, 2002. The cultural museum of Hong Kong hold a series of exhibitions, such as Culture of Tang Dynasty (A.D618 -A.D917), Ceramic Exhibition of Ming and Qing Dynasties, etc. in the summer vacations, which provide good opportunities for Hong Kongers to learn Chinese history and culture. (Xinhua Photo/Shen Qiao)

Envoy of U.S. Visist Indonesia

Susilo Yudhoyono(left), coordinating minister for political, social and security affairs of Indonesia, answers the questions of journalists with U.S. envoy General Anthony Cinni(right) standing aside at a joint press conferess held in Jakarta Thursday, August 8, 2002. Cinni, who is in charge of mediating peace talk between Indonesian goverment and the Free Aceh Movement, has talked with Susilo Yudhoyono and other local parties. (Xinhua Photo/Zhuang Jin)

Zhongguancun Scince and Technology Tourism Festival Opend

One hundred children draw pictures on a 100-meter-long paper scroll at the opening ceremony of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Tourism Festival held at the main park in the science and technology area in Zhongguancun in Beijing Thursday, August 8, 2002. The festival will introduce the software section, residence and recreation section, and Yongfeng High-tech producing base to the tourists. (Xinhua Photo/Li Wen)

Working Conference For The 2008 Olympics

Hein Verbruggen(R-3), chairman of the IOC's Coordination Commission for the 2008 Olympics, chats with IOC sports director Gilbert Felli(R-2) before the working conference of the 29th IOC's Coordination Commission and the 29th Olympic Organizing Committee in Beijing Thursday, August 8, 2002. (Xinhua Photo/Zhao Yingxin)

Guard The Last Mangroves

This image shows the Beilunhe mangrove natural protection area in Fangchenggang City, southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Mangrove's one of the plants in severe danger. China has established seven mangrove natural protection areas, covering 7679 hectares of mangroves. (Xinhua Photo/Chen Ruihua)

Young Fan in Archeology

Hao Di, 17, known as a talent in cultural relic collection, is writing a complete volume " Ancient Chinese Coins" in Tianjin City August 8, 2002. Hao, majoring in auction of a vocation school, has collected over 200,000 old such coins with aid from his parents and payment he earned from judging ancient articles. (Xinhua Photo/Liu Haifeng)

Zhang Liyang Heads For Home

Volunteer Nitsa Porat (L) of F. Wolfson Medical Center sees two-year-old Zhang Liyang(C) and his father off at Ben Gurion Airport prior to their departure from Israel, August 7, 2002. Liyang, from Hebei Province of China, came to Israel with his father to receive a free operation for congenital heart disease about one month ago. He recovered well after the operation and took Israel Airlines flight LY095 for home on Wednesday. (Xinhua )

Patrolwomen on Motorcycles Debut in Shanghai

Policewomen on motorcycles patrol on a street in the Pudong New Area in Shanghai August 7, 2002. The contingent of patrolwomen on motorcycles, the first of its kind in Shanghai, made its debut in the metropolis on Wednesday. (Xinhua photo/Zhan Xiaodong)

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