Disposable Mobile Phone to Be Made in China

A kind of disposable mobile phone was produced in the US a couple of months ago, such cell phone may be made in China soon. An enterprise in Zhejiang may possibly take up the production of the cell phone's important parts.

According to reports, the cell phone is similar to a toy with functions much simplified. It looks like a poker with its shell made of plastic.

American HOP-ON Company will promote such cell phone at the price of 40 US dollars with phone call time set for 60 minutes.

In the meanwhile, the company's another 29 US dollars' disposable cell phone is under approval.

So far, disposable mobile phone's price and exact time for debut in Chinese market has yet to be decided.

Domestic mobile phone makers said that such cell phone will make market more colorful and varied for the cell phone may meet some special needs such as elder people or primary school students.

By PD Online Staff Li Yan

People's Daily Online --- http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/