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Photo Archive --- Date:20020802

China Winner at Grand Prix Final

The hosts China sailed past the newly formed Brazilian team 25-21, 25-18,18-25, 25-19 on the opening day of the 2002 women's volleyball World Grand Prix Final Thursday in Hong Kong.  

Hong Kong Boy Scouts Salute at Tiananmen Square

241 members of Hong Kong Boy Scouts headed by the chiefs salute at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, capital of China, early morning of August 1, 2002. They came here to watch national flag raising. (Xinhua photo/Wu Yanlong)

Koko Nor Carp Fries to Improve Lake's Eco-Balance

People set millions of Koko nor carp fries free at the bank of the Koko nor in Gangcha county, northwest China's Qinghai Province August 1, 2002. The Koko nor carp, which don't have scales, is a special species that only inhabits in the Koko nor, China's biggest salt lake. The fish is decreasing in recently years because it is renowned dainty. Government has banned Koko nor carp fishery and millions of carp fries are expected to promote the eco-balance of the lake. (Xinhua Photo/Zhang Yuwei)

Vice President Meets Visiting Hong Kong Youth

Chinese Vice President Hu Jintao Thursday said the development of China as well as Hong Kong needs a large number of outstanding talented people, and young people should study hard for this purpose.  

Xi'An Ancient City Walls Totally Open to the Public

Tourists ride in travelling buses on the ancient city walls which totally open to the public in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi province August 1, 2002. Tourists can travel on the whole city wall since then. Xi'an is one of the few cities in China where old city walls are still visible and the 13.74-kilometer-long walls were built on the foundations of the walls of the Tang(618-907) Forbidden City. (Xinhua Photo/Tao Ming)

Beijing to Introduce Tougher Auto Emission Standards

Beijing will introduce tougher automobile emission standards from August 1 as a measure to curb air pollution, a local environmental protection expert said Wednesday.  

Macao Business Support Center Established

Established by Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Bureau, the Macao Business Support Center is officially launched August 1, 2002 in Macao. Thus the enterprises from outside Macao can get familiar with the business environment there and carry out their investment project in Macao in a quicker way. (Xinhua photo/Li Jie )

Hot Waves Cause Power Supplies Pressured Heavily in Beijing

A worker fixes the broken facility of power supply in Beijing August 1, 2002. Hot waves hit Beijing these days causing the great demand for powers to cool people by more and more air controls. The electricians concerned had to work busily to keep the power supplies under normal conditions. (Xinhua Photo/Zhang Yan)

Chinese Embassy Gives Reception to Mark Army Day

General Sun Peide (R), Chinese military attache, welcomes Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister Youssef Amin Wali (C) at the Chinese Embassy in Cairo July 31, 2002. The Chinese Embassy in Cairo held a reception here on Wednesday to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister Youssef Amin Wali was among those attending the reception. PLA was founded on August 1, 1927. (Xinhua photo/Huang Jingwen)

AOL Time Warner Investigated

Undated picture shows the AOL headquarters building in Ashbum, Virginia. The company confirmed Wednesday July 31, 2002, that the Justice Department began to investigate accounting practices at AOL Time Warner inc. . The media giant already was being investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission . (Xinhua photo/Wang Yan)

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