Taiwan Authority Concerned Passes Tongyong Pinyin Scheme

Taiwan's "Language Promotion Committee under the Ministry of Education" on July 11 passed the Tongyong (commonly used) Pinyin scheme, the move has aroused strong criticism from various quarters in the island.

Taipei, in favor of Hanyu Pinyin, called upon Taiwan authorities to think thrice before putting the scheme into use.

Director of the Bureau of Civil Affairs in Taipei said that the matter concerns Taiwan's long-term development, no matter which kind of pinyin system is finally adopted, Taipei will still use the Hanyu Pinyiin.

He said that 99 percent of the world academic institutes use Hanyu Pinyin, once Taiwan adopts the Tongyong Pinyin, Taiwan's researchers would find it impossible to inquire about Chinese information via the Internet or to link up with international practice, in that case, it will exert far-reaching adverse effect.

A Kuomintang (KMT) member pointed out that although there is only 15 percent difference between the Tongyong Pinyin and Hanyu Pinyin, it involves the problem of computer software change, Hanyu Pinyin used in Chinese language circles is a world trend, but the authority under the Progressive Democratic Party wants to set up a separate Pinyin system, this action of theirs is prompted by their fear of the "domination of simplified Chinese characters", they thus abandon the international stage in order to boycott the Chinese mainland.

Hanyu Pinyin is the most popular Chinese language system, almost all Chinese communities use Hanyu Pinyin except Taiwan, since Taiwan has just joined the WTO, enhancing its international competitiveness and keeping abreast with international practice brook no delay. At present, the Progressive Democratic Party authority vainly creates confusion just for the sake of ideology.

A member of the KMT held that this is a concrete evidence of the Progressive Democratic Party's endeavor to put its "gradual Taiwan independence" into practice, heading toward "Taiwan independence" is the goal they are mindful of, while "going all out for economy" is only a slogan misleading the common people.

By PD Online Staff Li Yan

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