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Photo Archive --- Date:20020626

Mongolian Wrestleing in Nadam

Two Mongolian wrestlers compete in a contest of Nadam Fair which is held continuously on the grassland of Hexigten, a Qi (county) of north China's Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region June 25, 2002. Nadam, which means "entertainment and games" in Mongolian, has a tradition of more than 700 years. During the event, horse racing, archery and Mongolian wrestling are the three major activities.กก.กก Such festivals are normally held throughout the grasslands in summer or autumn, when flowers are blooming, the grass is green,and the cattle and sheep are well-fed, the signal of a good harvest.กก (Xinhua Photo/Zhang Ling)

Senior Official on Reform of Administrative Approval System

Chinese Vice-Premier Li Lanqing has called for greater awareness of the importance and urgent need to substantially reform the administrative approval system.

Chinese Premier Meets Kazakhstan Deputy PM

Zhu said that since China and Kazakhstan established diplomatic ties 10 years ago, bilateral good-neighborly cooperative ties have grown steadily.  

Germany and South Korea Draw at Halftime

German forward Oliver Neuville (L) shoots in front of South Korean defender Kim Tae-young during the South Korea/Germany semi-final match of the 2002 FIFA World Cup at the World Cup stadiumin in Seoul, June 25, 2002. The two teams end 0:0 draw at halftime. (Xinhua Photo/Guo Dayue) 

Asia Leadership Forum Opens in HK

Supachai Panitchpakdi, director general-designate of World Trade Organization, speaks at the 11th Annual Business Week Asia Leadership Forum which opens in Hong Kong June 25, 2002. Participants would dicuss globalization and the Asian economic environments, developing new sources of value and competitive advantage, the impact of converging technologies on business, etc in the forum. (Xinhua Photo/ Wang Haiyan)

Tibet Receives 90 Million US Dollars in Grants

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has received a total of 90 million U.S. dollars in international grants over the past 20 years, a seminar on international cooperation in Tibet heard in Beijing Tuesday.  

Bush's Mideast Statement Draws Mixed Arab Responses

The much-anticipated U.S. Middle East vision unveiled by President George W. Bush on Monday night drew mixed responses from the Arab countries, with some expressing support for mentioning of a Palestinian state, and others voicing criticism and blasting the bias in favor of Israel.  

Qanooni Accepts His New Post

Mohammad Yunus Qanooni, who resigned his post of interior minister at the Loya Jirga meeting last week, smiles at the ceremony for the handover of power from the Afghan interim government to the transitional government held in the presidential palace in Kabul June 24, 2002. Qanooni accepted the post of education minister of the transitional government shortly before the ceremony. (Xinhua Photo/Zhao Peng)

Peasant Builds Statue of "Father of Hybrid Rice"

Peasant Cao Hongqiu(C) poses for a picture with the statue of Yuan Longping, renowned as "Father of Hybrid Rice" in the suburbs of Chenzhou City in central China's Hunan Province June 25, 2002. Cao donated over 50,000 yuan(US$ 6,250) for the building of the statue to express peasants' respect for Yuan who has made great contributions to agriculture. (Xinhua Photo/Yin Jusheng)

Tibetans Build Their New House

A Tibetan family build their new house in Gonggar County, Tibet Autonomous Region June 25, 2002.Twenty poverty-hit households inhabited by the Yarlung Zangbo River have built their new homes under the aid of local authorities. (Xinhua Photo/Yang Lei)

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