Playing Against Brazil, a Dream of Many

Playing against the Brazilian national soccer team in a World Cup is a dream to many of the participating teams, even if they be defeated.

Sharing the pitch with Brazil is like a fight against Muhammad Ali, playing 48 hours of golf against Tiger Woods or receiving a service by Pete Sampras.

Prior to the Korea-Japan 2002 match against Brazil, Belgian defender Danil van Buyten had expressed his excitement for playingagainst the Brazilians.

"We all feel the same. It is a World Cup dream; a pleasure and a privilege. That's why we're in the cup, in order to have such a possibility", the Belgian player said. Brazil defeated Belgium 2-0.

Costa Rica's coach, Brazilian naturalized Costa Rican AlexandreGuimaraes said "playing against Brazil is something every player wants in his career". Costa Rica fell 5-2 before the South Americans in the first phase of the competition.

The coach of the English national team, Swedish Sven Goran Eriksson, said "Brazil and England show two different ways of playing soccer".

"One has a samba style, for it seems the Brazilians were born with a ball by their feet. The other is more European". he added.

England will face Brazil in the quarter-finals of Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup.

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