Ronaldo Could Break 28-Year Record

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo says he is not worried about being the best scorer in Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup and that his main aim is helping its team to win the World Cup for the fifth time.

But with the five goals he has scored in this World Cup - the same number scored by German striker Klose - the Brazilian Inter Milan striker could break the present 28-year record of more goals scored in a world cup.

The last player to break the six-goal mark was Poland's Gregorz Lato, who in Germany 1974, scored seven times.

His seventh goal was against Brazil, in the dispute for the third place, won by the Polish 1-0.

Since then, the following World Cups have ended with six goals.

Should Brazil defeat England, then it will be able to score in two more matches.

In relation to next Friday's match against the English, Ronaldo said his team should only worry about itself.

"We have to make the best use of opportunities", he said. "The English are very strong and hit hard, but if we play our football then we have the conditions to beat them".

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